The Beginning Of the End

First lesson of impending widowhood: Never buy more groceries than you are prepared to lug into the house by yourself. Second lesson: Never sit through a hospice presentation without a full box of Kleenex handy. I really thought I was going to be OK, but when I saw Will reading through a pamphlet called “Gone From MyContinue reading “The Beginning Of the End”

The Elephant In the Room

Tonight we had The Talk. About life. About love. And finally, about death. We’ve been dancing around the elephant in the room for weeks now, stumbling over it every now and again, but mostly letting it sleep. Neither of us wanted to wake the beast for fear it would destroy us; we merely watched it breathe andContinue reading “The Elephant In the Room”

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

And I thought bipolar was a rollercoaster ride……… Will had a GREAT day yesterday. He was every bit his old self—felt good, ate well, even did some household chores without collapsing in exhaustion. We watched funny shows on TV and enjoyed each other’s company all day long (hence, no blog entries last night); we cuddledContinue reading “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”

The Litterbox Experiment

Now that Will’s chores are gradually but inexorably being transferred to my to-do list, I decided tonight that I was going to not only change out the cats’ litterbox, I was actually going to take the thing outside and wash it out thoroughly with soap and water. It’s been smelling rather abominably the past few days, even withContinue reading “The Litterbox Experiment”

My Three Sons

Here’s a random happy thought for a change: Three days ago, my youngest son and his partner were united in marriage in the state of California (at Disneyland, actually). Like any newlywed couple, they are very much in love and excited at the prospect of starting their married life; yet even on their honeymoon they’re thinking ofContinue reading “My Three Sons”