You Want Me To Take WHAT!?

…..was the first thing out of my mouth when the on-call psych resident said she was prescribing Zyprexa for me during an acute manic episode last summer. As a nurse, I’ve given the drug to many people over the course of my career, but up to that point I’d never dreamed that I would needContinue reading “You Want Me To Take WHAT!?”

Life Sentence

Sometimes it’s hard being a person who hates spending large amounts of money on necessities (means there’s less folding green to go shopping with 😦 ). I just left my friendly neighborhood pharmacy almost $200 poorer than when I went in, and that was for only two meds. I take a total of twelve prescriptionContinue reading “Life Sentence”

Strange Brew

Looking down at my handful of sanity tonight, I am once again amazed by the different colors and shapes of the various medications in my palm, and I wonder at the technology and the brilliant minds that brought them into existence. Here is a dark blue capsule; it’s the antipsychotic, which for some reason costsContinue reading “Strange Brew”

My Meds, My Self

And now, a few words about the wide, wild world of bipolar medications. Now, I am in awe of the few BPers I know who manage their illness with nothing more than a healthy lifestyle. Yes, they still have their ups and downs, and some I quietly suspect would do better if they’d take atContinue reading “My Meds, My Self”