Nothing To See Here

It’s been two months since Dr. Goodenough increased my Zyprexa dose, and I continue to be utterly without bipolar symptoms. It’s even hard to write about it because there is nothing happening other than blessed remission. I don’t remember EVER being this calm before. It’s amazing! I’m sleeping well too. I dream some pretty interesting dreams though.Continue reading “Nothing To See Here”

Why “Recovery” Doesn’t Work For Me

I’ve thought about this for some time, and I’ve got to confess that the word ‘recovery’ doesn’t work for me when it comes to my mental health. That’s fine. It may work for plenty of other people, and that’s fine too. But when I think of my bipolar 1 disorder, I know it’s something thatContinue reading “Why “Recovery” Doesn’t Work For Me”

You Mean My Brain Has an OFF Switch?

I’m four weeks into the Zyprexa experiment, and I think this is the quietest my head has ever been. I’m serious. For the first time in ages my thoughts aren’t zipping around at 100 MPH, and there are times I actually catch myself thinking about absolutely nothing at all. This must be what Will and theContinue reading “You Mean My Brain Has an OFF Switch?”