I’m Not Manic Anymore. Now, I’m Just Pissed Off.

And I really have no idea why. But of course, I’m going to sit down in front of the computer and attempt to analyze (read: over-think) it all so I can figure out the ‘why’ that bugs me so much. My p-doc has often mentioned journaling……well, it didn’t occur to me until relatively recently thatContinue reading “I’m Not Manic Anymore. Now, I’m Just Pissed Off.”

The Eagle Has Landed: Anatomy of a Manic Episode

…..and she landed softly, instead of crashing. Thank God. This morning I felt completely normal when I woke up to get ready for work (even though I maintain that 5 AM shouldn’t even be on the clock), and have continued to enjoy the sensation all day. This is what it must feel like to NOT be bipolar…..to wake up each morning and not haveContinue reading “The Eagle Has Landed: Anatomy of a Manic Episode”

Help! I’m Writing and I Can’t Shut Up!!

You can also call this post Jacked Up, Part II. After consulting with a couple of friends who basically guilted me into it (“You don’t want to make your doctor think you don’t trust him enough to let him handle this”), I did give the office a jingle later in the afternoon. I told the assistant that it was most definitelyContinue reading “Help! I’m Writing and I Can’t Shut Up!!”

Jacked Up

That’s my new term for being, well, a little hypomanic. Actually, I’ve been jacked-up for the past week or so. I’ve got too much energy, I’m not sleeping well, I’m restless and distractible, and today I’ve started two blog posts at once. It’s also after 1 PM and I haven’t even thought about food yet, even though I’ve been awake since 8. AndContinue reading “Jacked Up”

This Is What I Was Afraid Of…..

Somebody PLEASE remind me that if I ever miss a dose of meds, to make sure it’s not the nighttime ones. This morning I woke up after a very fitful few hours’ sleep (if you can even call it that) feeling like something the dog found under the house. I’m still hyper, but I feel like I’m floating aroundContinue reading “This Is What I Was Afraid Of…..”