Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jog

I’ve actually been back for a week, but things have been kind of crazy around home and I simply haven’t had much time to write. It’s all OK though, so no worries.

The trip was wonderful as always, even though we had some stress due to one of our party losing her passport temporarily (she accidentally dumped her purse in the hotel room and it slid under the bed—thank God housekeeping checked there and turned it in at the office!). We ate way too much rich food and drank too many tropical drinks, and I personally gained 12 pounds during the trip, which I’ve since lost thanks to the fact that we’re cooking at home and I’m not eating sweets or drinking soda. (I’m also taking my water pills again, and a lot of that weight was due to bloating.)

I didn’t buy a single thing except for a couple of drink containers from Universal Studios and Roatan (Honduras), and pretty much maxed out my credit card, but the sight of those incredible blue and turquoise waters of the Caribbean were well worth the financial struggle. I spent a good deal of time out on the balcony watching the waves and the lightning storms (they are spectacular on the high seas), as well as on Lido Deck, where the action is. People-watching is a lot of fun. And believe it or not, I read a book—well, it was three short novels in a book, and I read it over the course of a week and a half, but I had enough of an attention span to get through them rather easily. I can’t even remember the last time I read an actual book!

There’s yet another good thing that’s happened as a result of increasing the Zyprexa. I continue to be amazed at how quiet my brain is, how well I’m sleeping, and how much less anxiety I have. I still have my moments when I become a little paranoid and insecure because there’s tension in the house, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. Shit happens. It doesn’t make it pathological.

I’ve also noticed that my usual September restlessness has not made its appearance this time, even despite jet lag and the excitement of the vacation. I’m not even tempted to fool with my meds, which is usually my undoing at this time of the year. I still have to watch myself for signs of mania, but I don’t think that’s going to happen this fall. Nor do I feel the slightest bit depressed, despite the fact that the weather has been rather gloomy since we got back. I’m not ready for summer to end yet (am I ever?), but I do like to watch the leaves turn colors and feel the crisp bite in the evening air that tells me pumpkins and Thanksgiving and the holidays aren’t far off.

The one sad thing is that we’ve had to cancel our Mediterranean trip for next year. Nobody has that kind of money, and the guys want to hike in Hawaii with their friend next summer. I don’t begrudge them that trip…they need to go by themselves for a change. I wouldn’t want to go anyway because they’re going to be doing athletic things, and I am most decidedly NOT athletic. So while there won’t be any more cruises for a while, it’ll give me a chance to save up some money for the next great adventure.

It’s all good.


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I'm a retired registered nurse and writer who also happens to be street-rat crazy, if the DSM-IV.....oops, 5---is to be believed. I was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder at the age of 55, and am still sorting through the ashes of the flaming garbage pile that my life had become. Here, I'll share the lumps and bumps of a late-life journey toward sanity.... along with some rants, gripes, sour grapes and good old-fashioned whining from time to time. It's not easy being bipolar in a unipolar world; let's figure it out together.

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